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Unconventional wedding photography


Hi guys, we're Emanuele and Federica, an Italian couple who photograph weddings together. We're based in Rome but we love to travel around the world telling beautiful love stories. The part of our job we love the most is human bonding, take us with you, and we can capture those "Wow" moments on your magical day

Love Stories

"People don't know what they want until you show it to them"

Do you want more?


The emotions of marriage are strong, strange, indescribable, chaotic.Only Emanuele and Federica were able to order them and enclose

them in shots that will keep those emotions forever.


They are real artists. They work with extreme empathy and kindness.


They are the perfect alchemy between


professionalism and humanity.

I will never stop thanking them.

S + S

Wedding in Tuscany

A fairy tale.

Sara, Simafra, Enea and Martino are a family that live in the heart of Tuscany. Their approach to life is simple and beautiful and one of the first things that won us over was their close and intense contact with nature.


The human body is a prodigy of biological engineering.
Our organs, our circulatory system, every cell ... everything has evolved to shape the environment in which we exist.

Try to imagine, for a second, an astronaut born in space or on the moon or on a distant planet.
Throughout his life he will have to breathe through a dosed supply of oxygen, inside a suit that allows him to survive cold temperatures. His muscles, his bones would be deformed by a gravity to which he is not suitable.
His eyes would wander in solitude in the darkness, in a splendid universe but in which human life is not sustainable. Throughout his life he would feel out of place and, perhaps, wrong.

Now try to imagine, that for the first time in his life he sets foot on the earth.
Imagine breathing deeply. Feel the wind and rain on your skin.
The warmth of the sun on his face. Sink his fingers into the ground and run and scream.
Listen to the sound of flowing water. Watch the sky be colored with every color and know that you are at home, finally.

Can you imagine it, just for a second? You can?

I was that lost astronaut.
And you, you are the earth.

People don't know what they want, until you show it

to them


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